Mentor Applications for ‘Project HELP!’
(Harmonized English Learning Program)

Osaka University’s Center for International Education and Exchange (CIEE) is now looking for active students (mentors) who are willing to invest some time to assist IELTS test takers (mentees) in improving their English skills. It will be a great opportunity to expand the experience of being in Japan.


Expectations for Mentors —

    • 1. CIEE will, in collaboration with British Council Japan, offer an induction/training course free of charge to IELTS mentors. The course is to be opened for IELTS mentor candidates who are willing to and capable of supporting other Osaka University students (mostly Japanese students) in their preparations for IELTS.
      • 2. Coordination will be undertaken by CIEE to find the right match between mentors and mentees. Mentoring will last for approximately 90 minutes taking place take place eight times, and sessions will aim to enhance the mentee’s English abilities for the IELTS test. The mentoring locations are not specially restricted, but on-campus and places like

Global Commons and Learning Commons at Osaka University Library

      •  are recommended.
      • *For international students who are not yet able to arrive in Japan due to the COVID-19 can still participate in the program and do the mentoring sessions online for the time being.
      • 3. It is desirable that the mentoring period is completed within three months. Exact mentoring dates are to be arranged by the mentee and mentor. The Mentor is requested to try to be cooperative so that the mentoring meets the mentee’s schedule for the IELTS. Exam.
      • 4. The mentor is required to submit reports online on the “MEnTOR System”.
      • 5. When the mentor has successfully completed all the required training and the 8 mentoring sessions, they will be awarded with mentoring certification. If eight mentoring sessions have not been performed, then they will not be a considered for certification.


CIEE is accepting applications from those students who meet the conditions below (As of September 6, 2022)—


1. Are enrolled in Osaka University during the 2022 Autumn/Winter semester, regardless of their student status (such as regular or non-regular student).

2. Have English as their native language. Otherwise have IELTS band score 6.0 (speaking score is preferably 7.0 or more), TOEFL iBT score of 80(speaking score 26) at least or an equal level.

3. If Japanese is the mentor’s native language, it is required that they should speak English, the target language, for all instruction during the mentoring sessions.

4. Are capable for participate for the complete program, both the training course and eight mentoring sessions while remaining at Osaka University throughout the whole period.

5. Are able to cooperate with CIEE for the surveys regarding this project if needed.

6. Are able to attend the one-day orientation and induction/training courses on October 29 (Sat) 2022, full-day ONLINE.

PLEASE NOTE: Before applying, please make sure to read through the following (PDFs) —

  • As well as to forge an understanding of Japanese culture for the international students (by working with Japanese students), this project is to help Japanese students to develop their English abilities.
      • It goes without saying that mentees will lose their time and opportunities if mentoring sessions are often canceled during the project.
        • When applying, please think carefully whether you can combine this project with your daily workload; things like your coursework, your research, exams, other tasks, your laboratory ‘s view of extracurricular activities, and other scheduling issues.

Mentor FAQ


Mentor Flow Sheet

Notification Information

Great, I’m in! Where do I apply?

Download the Mentor Application Form here

APPLICATIONS for Autumn and Winter term 2022 OPEN on September 20!

・Submit the application form to projecthelp(at)

*Change (at) to @ when sending the email.

・The application form is to be sent as an excel file.

・E-mail subject line:Project HELP! Mentor application_your name

Application closing date: October 12th (Wed)

One of the sessions from a previous year's mentor orientation